My First Blog Post

My name is Minenhle Khoza and this, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is my first blog post.
I’ve been meaning to get my own blog started for a while now – I discovered this blogging thing early in 2011 and was genuinely fascinated by it. I like jotting down my thoughts, and having a platform to share these weird and not so wonderful thoughts intrigued me. Now, see, I’m a lazy guy so I kept putting off getting the blog started.
I did eventually sign up and became the proud owner of an empty blog. I vowed to change that “empty blog” status sooner rather than later.
I didn’t.
I neglected my blog before it had even started! And it’s not because I’m a busy guy or anything, I just suffer from a really lethal case of laziness (don’t judge me, okay?). Anyway, I’m here now and I’m giving my blog some much needed TLC.
I didn’t know what my first post would be about. Do I introduce myself to the masses? Do I talk about who I am and what I’m about? Or do I get right into it and start speaking (typing?) what’s on my mind? I figured I should do some research. I read up on blogging and checked out what advice more experienced bloggers had for novices like me on what the perfect first blog post looks like. I started reading a bunch of blogs in an attempt to get a feel of what mine should/would look like. I gained a few tips along the way and I’ll be sure to use them in the future.
At some point I decided that, in my first blog post, I’d compare the process of writing the post to one’s first time having sex. Yeah, that idea was way cooler in my head and it died as quickly as it was born.
So after all the researching and reading up on what the perfect first post should look like, I realised that there is no perfect first post. I just have to do me. Write the way I want to write. Do what I’m comfortable with. THIS is my first blog post. Straight off the top of my head, spontaneous and unplanned. I hope this is the first of many random posts and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as I go along. I quite enjoyed typing this one, and I promise to give my blog all the attention I know it deserves.

Minenhle Khoza


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