The World, and some of its inhabitants.

I am a misanthrope and an introvert. To say I’m not a fan of people would be an understatement. Plus I’m socially awkward, so I usually try to avoid any kind of social interaction. My mom says that shit is unhealthy and not normal, but whatever.
Strangely enough though, for all my issues with humanity and being more concerned with my own mental life, I have this strange obsession with human behaviour. A need to understand human nature, if you may. Why we behave the way we do and why we do the things that we do. I’m intrigued by the world, and some of it’s inhabitants.

I’m a curious guy. For me, every opportunity to learn something new is greeted with open arms. So as much as I avoid social interaction, I’m equally fascinated by it. It’s easy for me to avoid people when I’m at home. I’m not forced to socialise with anyone and I’m left to my own devices. Undisturbed.

But there are certain places where social interaction cannot be avoided. School, for instance, is one of those places. I can’t not talk to people at school. It’s impossible. Especially at a tertiary institution. People WILL WANT to talk to you.

So every time I’m at school, I see it as an opportunity to learn about people. A chance to understand and observe human behaviour, to figure out how I can be so obsessed with the same creatures that I harbour such an intense dislike for.
At tertiary, people are free to be themselves. The high school rules aren’t there anymore. No uniform. No conformity. No indoctrination. You can explore your own identity. What better place is there to learn more about people? Everyday I get to interact with the youth. Some future leaders, others..not so much. I get to observe the behaviour and mannerisms of people from different backgrounds. There are those who are liberal in their thinking, and some who are concerned with what society thinks of them. Others are deeply religious and there are Atheists too. Most of them are driven. They’re there to achieve certain goals for themselves and turn into young professionals. I’m there too. Trying to find my calling in life, whatever it might be. During those hours that I spend at school I get to improve my rather poor social skills, while also improving my understanding of human beings and the way we behave.

One would think having to interact with so many people on a daily basis would be a daunting task for me, but it isn’t. I know that school is only a few hours of my day. I’ll still get time for introspection, I’ll still get time to get lost in my thoughts. I can still enjoy the beautiful thing that is solitude. I can do all this when I get back to the sanctuary that is my home.

Minenhle Khoza

Here’s to learning more about human beings.


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