Growth :)

Ahh yes, today is my birthday. I turn 20 today. 20 is a big deal, right? Since my teenage years are over? Since I might or might not be starting my second year in varsity? I haven’t received my results yet, so I’m not entirely sure.
Well? Is it a big deal?

*plays “Birthday” by Kings Of Leon*

Yes, it is a big deal. I’ve made it a big deal. I’ve dubbed it my coming of age. Generally, in Mzansi at least, one’s 21st birthday is considered a coming of age. But why? Why that particular age? (I don’t have an answer for that – too lazy to do research.)
Why isn’t 20 considered a coming of age in SA? One isn’t a teenager anymore, so naturally one will be handed more responsibilities. The expectations society has of you are higher. Also, a certain level of maturity is expected from a 20 year old.

*plays “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih*

I see turning 20 as an opportunity for growth. Psychologically and mentally.
See I’ve always been that guy who says he’ll never grow up. That guy who wants to enjoy life and not be burdened by the stresses of the world. For the most part, that’s a good thing. Growing up too quickly looks like a boring and stressful thing to do. I’ve seen people my age decide they want to act grown all of a sudden. And it isn’t a good thing. Being serious and having a stick stuck up your ass all the time is not a good look! You’re young – live a little. You’re allowed to make mistakes!

I’ve done a lot of growing up in the last 4 years, but there’s still a lot of growing up to be done. I know that. I spent the first two years of my high school life at a private school, and the remaining 3 years at a government school.
I went from being that kid who went to a private Catholic school and did everything to try fit in, to being that kid who went to a rowdy government school and managed to find who he really is. I’ll always appreciate the second high school I went to. My experiences there are what made me who I am today. Compared to my first high school – the people there, both students and teachers, were liberal with their thinking. Being in that type of environment is invaluable. Anyway, I’m rambling now…

*plays “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz & Kanye West*

I want to grow this year. Without becoming a total bore. I want to cut down on all the jokes I tell and write about more serious matters. I need people to trust me and take me seriously. I want to act my age. I’m not all grown up, but I’m not a child anymore either. I have to find the right balance between acting grown and still being fun to be around. Most importantly, I want people to respect me. It’s hard for a guy who is seldom serious and writes jokes all the time to gain people’s respect. I want to change that. I know I’ll make mistakes as I try to grow up and try to be a better person, and I’m cool with that. I’m ready for that.
I’m just out here trying to be the best 20 year old that I can be. A 20 year old that I can be proud of.

Minenhle Khoza, a cool 20 year old 🙂


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