A toast; to a life of sobriety

I know people who drink. A LOT! Like, a week isn’t complete without them getting drunk at least once. Luckily, I’m not one of those people, but I do enjoy a casual drink every now and then. Okay, maybe not a ‘casual’ drink – I get embarrassingly drunk. (I can feel you judging me right now) Alcohol brings out the devil in me – as it does with most people, I suppose.
My point is, I don’t drink as often as some of the folks I know do. Yet somehow, I’ve managed to develop a bit of a beer belly.

It’s due to this beer belly that I’ve decided to stop drinking altogether. A beer belly does not look good. Least of all on a skinny dude like me. It just makes me look weird, man.
I didn’t drink for most of December. I’ll admit, I didn’t miss alcohol as much as I thought I would. My liver and wallet were both pleased with my month of sobriety. I did have a few drinks on December 31st and it felt really good! I haven’t touched alcohol since.

Does the fact that I’m quitting alcohol because of a beer belly count as a health reason? I rate it does.

I’m not entirely confident about my ability to resist alcohol for the rest of my life. Which is why I’ve given myself a bit of a time frame to work with. I’ve given myself four months to go without drinking. After the four months, depending on how I feel, I’ll either have a drink & start all over again or I’ll soldier on & try make it to six months. I predict the former will happen. Maybe I should have titled this post as “A toast: to a few months of sobriety” *shrugs*

At least I’m trying to cut down on the alcohol intake, right? I get the feeling that this will be a long journey. A journey I’m not entirely prepared for.


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