Living In The Moment…

It’s such a simple concept, isn’t it? This living in the moment thing? Being spontaneous, living without any regrets, doing what makes you happy. It sounds like absolute fun. It probably is.
Unless you’re an overthinker, like me. Then it isn’t fun at all.
I think (see what I mean?) the whole living in the moment concept is open to interpretation, depending on the type of person you are. If you’re a fun-loving kinda person, I assume living in the moment should come naturally to you. On the other hand – if you’re the type of person who always thinks something through before actually doing it, then embracing this “living in the moment” concept is a tad bit hard. Like I said, it’s open to interpretation.

I’ve been trying to embrace/practice this living in the moment thing. I’ll admit that being spontaneous is exciting. Doing something that one wouldn’t usually do can be fun.
Personally, I associate “living in the moment” with recklessness. And I suppose that’s why I’ll never fully embrace this concept. Instead of letting go of my inhibitions, I’m too busy thinking about the consequences of my actions. Instead of taking in the excitement of the moment, I’m too busy weighing up the pros and cons. That isn’t what living in the moment is about.

To fully embrace this concept, one must just stop thinking about it. Don’t ruin the moment by focusing on the consequences. Just live in it, be in it, nothing else. Savour the moment for all it’s worth. Also, don’t be afraid to lose track of time. I mean, if you’re going to live in the moment, shouldn’t you try by all means to make said moment last longer? It makes sense, yes? 🙂

One needs to just stop…

…and just start to


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