First Kiss

So here I am, 04:47am. I haven’t had any sleep and all I’ve been doing all night (or morning?) is search for the most random things on the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing. I love it. A lot. Maybe too much. It’s cutting into my sleeping time. Damn you, internet! But I still […]

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Goodbye April

Goodbye April! You awful, awful month! It really has been a rubbish four weeks for me. Probably the worst month of my life so far. Nothing but bad luck and bad news. Consistently. You ever go through a period where it feels like everything that could possibly go wrong in your life, does go wrong? […]

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Moving Past The Trauma

Greetings, internet people! I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything in a really long while – I apologise. Life and a bit of writer’s block kinda got in the way of me and my blog, but that’s all over now. Well, at least I hope it is. I’ve convinced myself that I need to […]

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