First Kiss

So here I am, 04:47am. I haven’t had any sleep and all I’ve been doing all night (or morning?) is search for the most random things on the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing. I love it. A lot. Maybe too much. It’s cutting into my sleeping time. Damn you, internet! But I still love you.

I swear I’m not Schizophrenic. (” •_•)

Anyway, as I continued my quest for new and wonderful stuff on the internet, I ended up on YouTube. That is where I discovered this really cool short film by Tatia Pilieva that made me feel some type of way.
Check it out..

This film made me realise how soft I really am. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside while I was watching it. I think want to kiss a stranger too now. Bleh.

What fascinates me the most about the film is that these people were all strangers. It was weird…and interesting…and awkward. And I liked it. See, the thing about a first kiss (if it’s with someone you genuinely care about) is that it’s special. You get that feeling. It’s almost like excitement, nervousness, chemistry, electricity and intimacy all rolled into one emotion. Into that one moment. So do you get that same feeling when you share a first kiss with a complete stranger?

I did some research on the short film and found out that most of the people on it were models and actors. So, as awkward as they are on the film, they actually have some experience in front of the camera. This got me thinking – what if you get 20 strangers to share a first kiss, except none of them are models or actors? None of them have experience in front of the camera. Just, you know, normal people. What would that be like? Would it be the same as this film? Would there be more awkwardness? I wonder..

Now I’m curious. I actually want to do this thing. I need to find 20 willing strangers. Any takers?


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