My Sudden, Annoying Interest In Politics

Getting old sucks. All of a sudden I find myself caring about stuff that I didn’t give a toss about five years ago. Stuff that really didn’t affect me much. South African politics is one of the things that I’m interested in now. I know when and how this interest in local politics started, but I honestly thought it was going to be one of those passing things that I’d be interested in for a little while, and then stop caring about it altogether.
Boy, was I wrong.

This whole interest in politics started when Nelson Mandela died. Every TV channel I watched had something about him on. Documentaries about apartheid, his life, the time he spent in jail, his comrades and a whole lot of other things. Things that I was never taught in History class. The apartheid struggle fascinated me and being the curious creature that I am, I decided to learn more about it. The more I learned about the history of politics in this country, the more I realised that this current batch of politicians we have in government has let the people down.

I made the decision to stop following politics for a while because thinking about how our current government has failed to deliver on so many of their promises, while not failing to enrich themselves, made me really angry. And angry isn’t a very good look.

I tried to ignore politics and news about how our government was finding new ways to fuck shit up, but really, how could I? Government fucking up affects me more now than it did 5 years ago. Also, I’m a Journalism student. Everytime I get to class, it’s like the only thing my lecturer and classmates want to talk about is politics. On top of that, I’m covering the May 7 elections for a local community station in my area (my first real job). I swear, it’s like everywhere I go and everything I do, politics is there.
I think politics is stalking me, you guys. 😦

I think I’ve accepted that I might actually like politics. Especially during election year. The campaigning, the rallying and the trash talking between the different political parties. It’s fun to watch.
I also recognise the seriousness of it all. Whoever gets chosen to lead this country has a huge mission on their hands. Trying to solve some of the country’s biggest problems, and we have a lot of those, is no easy task. Whoever we choose to lead this country, has to do everything that they can to take this country forward.

Anyway, let me get some sleep. I need to be ready for my first (and probably only) day at work tomorrow. Peace.


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