“About Time”

If there’s one thing anyone who reads this blog has learned about me, it’s that I’m a big softy. It isn’t something I’m willing to admit to in public, but it’s true. I’m a big ol’ softy, you guys. And a procrastinator. A huge procrastinator.

You ever see a movie trailer on TV and tell yourself that you’re definitely going to watch the movie when it comes out? And then when it does come out, you keep delaying going to see it until it’s no longer on circuit? Then you work really hard to get your hands on the DVD and you still find yourself having to do something else instead of watching it?

That’s what happened to me with this one movie. Well, it happens with a lot of movies, but this is the one I did manage to watch – eventually. It’s called “About Time”. It came out in November last year and I only managed to watch it last night, fucking June 1st! It’s a brilliant little Rom-Com that I enjoyed watching from beginning to end. I’m not going to give you guys a synopsis or a review – what do I look like? A reviewer? I most certainly am not!
(The sad truth is, I don’t really know how to write a review.)

Lol anyway, this is just me telling you guys about this two-hour-long brilliant bit of filmmaking and storytelling. Certainly one of the best movies I’ve watched in a really long while. There are a few lessons on life and love to be learned from the movie as well:
•Time spent with the people you love should be the most cherished moments in life.
•We can’t solve all the problems in life.
•Love and relationships are what we make of them.

Peace and love 😉


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