The Sadness Of The Clown

I don’t usually care much when a celebrity dies. I watch people make a big fuss about it, and I just sit there wondering why I’m supposed to care. When I found out about Robin Williams’ death, it was different. I genuinely felt sad for a while. I don’t know why, but I just did. […]

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The End

It sucks when things end. Even if you saw the end coming and you thought you were ready for it, it still sucks. So much. My girlfriend and I broke up. We sat down, had a grown up talk and 30 minutes later it was all over. Haven’t seen or spoken to her since. I […]

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Love, Love, Love

Originally posted on Bits Of Ki:
  Love is a wonderful thing but it’s quite confusing isn’t it? Well, don’t they say that when you’re in love, the parts of your brain that light up are the same as the parts that light up when you’re crazy? The fact that Alicia Keys’ “Love Is My…

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