Love, Love, Love

Bits Of Ki


Love is a wonderful thing but it’s quite confusing isn’t it? Well, don’t they say that when you’re in love, the parts of your brain that light up are the same as the parts that light up when you’re crazy?

The fact that Alicia Keys’ “Love Is My Disease” is playing as I type this doesn’t really help. Especially since I don’t like it… This is the part where I pause to change the song… Now I’m playing “Like The Sea” —laughs—. Where was I? Ah yes, equating love to madness. I wish I had some fancy looking equation or theory that I could present. But you know what? We’ll play this like they did in Physics: we will assume a lot of things. That’s one thing that I noticed in Physics, there was a lot of assuming.

  1. Assume that x = love

  2. Assume that y = madness

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