The Plan

Life is tricky, isn’t it? You think you know what’s best for you. You think you’ve figured out how to cope with certain things that happen in your life. You have a plan, a theory, that you know you’ll turn to when things go pear shaped because it worked for you once before. It’s a plan that works for you – and maybe other folks don’t understand it, but that doesn’t matter because you do. You get it.

And then something happens that makes you go against your plan. You think that this something is what you’ve been waiting for. You can’t explain it and you don’t understand it, but It just feels right. You go against all logic, ignoring all the alarm bells ringing in your head telling you don’t do this! You ignore your head and listen to your heart. You ignore logic and think with emotion. Because you hope that, just this once, it will work out for me.

It doesn’t. You hoped it would, but it doesn’t. And now you get that familiar feeling. That sinking feeling. In the pit of your stomach and on the left side of your chest. It hurts. You know that you’ll be wallowing in this pit of unhappiness for a while. You saw it coming, and you could do nothing about it.

Eventually, you get over it. You feel a bit silly for letting this happen, but you get over it. You tell yourself never again! You think lesson learnt. You realise that you reached for something that was never there. You hoped for something that never appeared. You felt emotions that would never be reciprocated.

Next time, stick to the plan. It never lets you down. Listen to your head. Ignore your heart. Save yourself from all this unnecessary disappointment.


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