You left your baggage here

Trail Of A drunk Snail

You left your baggage here.

Took your heart; whole and refilled

Patched and re-moulded,


ready to sip a new cup of love.

You left your baggage.

erased your pictures from the wall

There’s a whole where our smiles used to be

an empty hook on the door, where your coat should be

only blankness on the white sheet where you used to lay.

You left your baggage here

Packed your bags, boxed your heart,

filed away all the memories of our life

dressed in that coat that hung on the hook.

There was no note, no last words to end this chapter

No profound lesson to be learnt in your departure,

No tears to wash the hurt, no fights to bring peace

You couldn’t find the words

I couldn’t find you

There was no evidence

Only emptiness

You packed your clothes, your heart, our memories,

Your favourite comb and…

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