My Latest Earworm

As I type this post, it’s just gone 3am on the many watches and clocks I have around me. I have like 6 different time pieces around me right now, by the way. So yeah, it’s Sunday, we’re deep into the AMs, I’m a little bit tipsy and I feel this sudden inclination to let you guys know what my favourite songs are at the moment. (The tipsy part is proudly brought to you by Vodka. Ahh, my sweetheart Vodka!)

As you can tell by the general theme of heartbreak and disappointment in my last few blog posts, I’ve been going through some shit. Shit that could’ve easily been avoided had my heart not led me down the ever-so-depressing path of unrequited love. And now here I am, lovelorn, nursing the same heart that led me down this road. Collecting all its broken little pieces and putting it back together as best as I can.

When you’re deep in the heartbreak/heartache hotel, the music you listen to will either compound your misery or…nothing. It will compound your misery. That’s it. And compounded misery means I can expect my stay at the heartache hotel to last a little longer than it probably should.

Let me go through some of these songs I’m really liking right now. I want to tell you guys how I discovered these songs and why I like ’em so much, but I won’t. It sounds like a lot of work and I’m tired and tipsy right now.

Sampha – Indecision

Joss Stone – I’ve Fallen In Love

Sam Smith – Latch (Acoustic)

Florence & The Machine – Take Care (Drake cover)

So yeah, those are some of the songs I can’t stop listening to right now. Listen to them, don’t listen to them. Like them, don’t like them. It’s whatever.


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