Picture This…


Right now, I’m chuckling at how cheesy the title of this blog post is. You’ll chuckle too once you realise what this post is about. Or maybe you won’t chuckle. In which case, awkward much?

I did Photography during the second semester of school last year. They called it Photo Journalism (which made it sound completely boring), but for the sake of this blog post and sounding some kind of cool, we’ll stick to Photography.

I wasn’t particularly excited about doing Photography. Before last year, I had never touched a digital camera in my entire life. In my head, I’d already pictured 100 different scenarios that all ended with me breaking this rather expensive piece of technology. Ahh yes, Minenhle Khoza, the eternal pessimist! It wasn’t just the fear of breaking the camera, there was also the fear of completely sucking at Photography. Sucking at it and failing, to be precise. The first four lectures didn’t help either. At the end of every lecture I’d just sit there wondering what the fuck the lecturer was going on about. I just didn’t get it 😦

Eventually, I got it. Turns out I was pretty decent at it too.
So after months of deliberating on whether or not I should share some of my favourite pictures with the loyal readers of this blog (all four of you), I finally decided to do it. Because sharing is caring, yes?

Note that I captured way more images than this. I just chose these few because they were the best, and I didn’t want you guys to see any of the bad pictures. Yes, this is an ego building exercise!

1 7 13 15 21 25 32 IMG_2464 IMG_2471 IMG_2510 IMG_2526 IMG_2528 IMG_2530 IMG_2536 IMG_2540 IMG_2561 IMG_8173 IMG_8270

Tell me what you guys think think of my pictures. Unless you think they’re rubbish. Then don’t tell me. Keep it to yourself.


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